Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Rudder for Iona

Iona's rudder arrived from the foundry.  So it was off to get the keyway machined (courtesy of Mr. Anderson), and then back in the shop to be balanced, dressed and have a hole bored so the prop shaft can come out with the rudder hard over.

Next was the trial installation.  The hull was to be pivoted on its forward jack stands, so I knocked out the keel blocks forward of the stands and put the lift on bulkhead No. 5.  Here we arrive at our final height, measured by the rule in the shaft hole, with Quinx, the shop cat supervising as usual ...

With the stern hanging on the lift, the rudder is started home.

Gauging the progress of the shaft as the hull slowly descends.  Quinx is checking the credentials of the photographer, as no unauthorized personnel - by her definition - are allowed in The Works.

 The hull is almost on the stern keelblocks and stands.

The hull is home.  I've not totally settled on the means of rudder suspension.  A bracket with bronze collar will probably be on the underside of the king plank support, above the quadrant.  The shaft extends a little up through the king plank for the possibility of an emergency tiller, should the steering gear fail.  I'll figure on some kind of fancy bronze deck cover for it.

After head scratching and fabricating, there will be future lifts for the final installation.  That's when the packing gland, seen sitting to the right of the slings, will go in.

Looks like the local graffiti artists have tagged the hull again.  Not a bad sentiment on the kind of project that can tend to strain the checkbook and marital bonds ...  Photos courtesy of said graffiti artist - thanks, babe.

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