Saturday, April 27, 2013

Boiler Erection

Here's something new.  This is the shell of the boiler for the launch.  The perspective is looking at the bottom of the barrel - it's a scotch marine - the coupling front and center is the blowdown.  The hand hole to port is for bottom wash and clean-out.  On the inside one can see the cluster of four outlets that make up the two safeties, whistle and auxiliary.  The main and throttle are further forward.  They'll have a drypipe fitted later.  The starboard upper hand hole is for washing the tubes.  Not bored yet are the feedwater inlets and the other two 1.5 wash-out holes.  This is a certified build and will receive an "S" stamp when it is complete.  Sorry about the quality of the photo - camera phone.

Monday, April 8, 2013


I throw open the shop doors!  I thought it would never get here.  Now things can cure without heat lamps and what not.

I glued in No. 1 bulkhead this past Saturday morning.

Here's the view from the front.  The little block in front of the feedwater tank supports is a mast step.  Why a mast step?  I don't know, some day I may want to add a fore mast.  How else would one rig ship for holidays, etc.?  I'll sand the fillets after they fully cure and blend the paint.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Interior Painting & Sanding

Painting and sanding all of the parts that one won't see.  But it's all about protecting the composite finish and making it easier to clean.  This picture was taken with my phone camera, so the lines are a little distorted.  One can see the first coats of Grand Banks Beige in the counter stern and extending forward from bulkhead No. 5.  Bulkhead No. 1 still isn't glued in yet as I finish up things in the forepeak that would be more difficult to do later.