Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cover Board Templates

No, I didn't go to seed ... decking just goes slow. I've also been finishing the engine in between planks. As a tease, here is a recent photo of the engine tops.

There, that got your attention. Now on to the more prosaic job of fitting cover board templates. Here's a shot of the very stern, where the aft quarter cover boards meet the stern king plank. The template material is adhesive opaque shelf paper. It's nice and stiff and I can see my marks through it. It also has handy-dandy grid lines on it. I have it tacked on to the sub-decking with brads. For finer cutting around the joggles, I use an Xacto knife. Of course the proof of the pudding will be to transmit the shape and cut to the planed, expensive teak planks. But this should minimize the error.

Here's a shot of the starboard aft quarter plank template with a little more detail. Like the decking, there is room for a seam relief between the decking and cover board. When I saw these things out, I'll have to strike the balance between not leaving too much proud to work out later and cutting it close. But then, that's finish work everywhere ...

Overnight temperatures in the shop have been 15 F (-9 C), so it's time to move the center of effort back to the shop at work and finish the boiler appurtenances there.