Sunday, August 4, 2013

Interior Update

A picture tells the story - so let's talk about what we see here that's new:

The deck substructure is finished except for the stern.  I was getting ready to finish that substructure too - the stern king plank is in the foreground - when the rudder and steering gear called out for attention before being buried under structure.  The rudder gland is mounted inboard with a piece of cutlass bearing bonded into the hull structure to guide the rudder post.  One can see the guiding dowel still in place.  There's a story there too.  We have had as wet a summer as the cousins across the pond did last year.  The dowel has swelled in the humidity, so it's there until I put some heat lamps on it ...  Rudder, quadrant and cables to follow.

Beyond the "rudder post" is the removable hot well receiving a dry fit.  One can see light through it because I have not yet bonded in the bottom.  The hot well will sit under part of the starboard seats.  It will be held in place with cleats.  Disconnecting some unions and lifting it out will facilitate annual maintenance and cleaning.