Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stemhead and Deck Structure

Finally whittled down that huge hunk of doug fir and laminate that is the inner and outer stem.  Here it is prior to sealing and finish sanding.  You can see where the staples were on the laminate before I pulled them.

Also a few shots of the subdeck structure and carlins.  In the area just in front of the coaming, I probably went overboard with the 0.625" okoume - no pun intended - but I wanted plenty of support for this area of the deck.  Notice the temporary cleats under the ply, giving the necessary camber until the epoxy sets up.

Here's a shot of the kingplank and the foremost carlin.  The kingplank is laminated okoume and the carlin is poplar.

I took the following shot because it intrigued me and highlighted a number of construction details: the scarfed fir sheer and the fit and bond at station No. 2 of sheer, topsides, bulkhead and subdeck.  The black of course is topsides paint that worked its way down during that process.  This is the kind of stuff that will soon be obscured.  It will be nice to remember what it looked like.