Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dreaming and shopping for Iona

The Wooden Boat Show at Mystic has become an annual pilgrimage for us.  The salty ambiance of Mystic would be enough.  The first half-day is spent wandering around in a daze, just glad to be there.  But then I settle down to Purpose; re-visiting certain vendors, taking pictures of design elements we like, and shopping.

Seats and decks were on my mind ...  Here's a simple but elegant presentation.

The benches are easily constructed with turned spindles for support.  The teak floor boards lift out, where appropriate.

These pieced benches are nice.

This teak deck is left weathered, with narrower boards than the standard.  I appreciate the way it is let in around the bright house.  Further inspiration was found in the Rossi storage area.  These are boats and items that are not on display but are available to study.

Seat detail from an early 20th century launch - perhaps my favorite design so far.  The storage collection is surreal.  What is this?  The jawbone of a whale?

There were many launch engines in the collection.  Here, detail from one of the Navy engines.

Best beloved found a marine consignment (!) shop in Mystic and was sweet enough to tell me about it.  Here are some finds on Iona's stern planking.  The stern bit is close to its future home.

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