Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Propeller Shaft for Iona

Walking out to get the mail I noticed the tell-tale tire tracks of the UPS truck.  Oh!  Maybe it's the shaft!  Sure enough, propped inside the shop door - the delivery man is well-trained - stands the new shaft in its tube.  Soon it is out of its packing and I'm checking the specs and fit.  This is good ...

Here is the shaft poking through the gland.  The keyway for the coupling is clearly visible on the top.  Since the gland with its O-rings floats in the stern tube, I loosen all of the bronze machine screws that fasten it to the tube and slowly torque them in the pattern that is best centered on the shaft.  It rotates freely.  The packing nut is on the gland though the packing has yet to be laid in.

Here's a shot of the interior with the shaft protruding forward.  The locking nut for the gland is on a seat support.  The wide angle lens of the camera makes the launch look like a barge.  The first coat of the interior paint is down - Interlux Grand Banks Beige.  I used this paint since it will be kind on the eyes and easy to freshen up before each season.  Though as one can see, it will mostly be under floorboards and seats.  The bilge will stay bright white epoxy for ease of suging.

Here's the shaft protruding from the cutless bearing.  I'm still deciding whether to use low-heat epoxy to bond the bearing in or the time-honored set screws.  After we make up our mind about that, I'll finish touching up the copper bottom paint.  Then, after the packing is set up, it will be time for a float test!

It's almost Boiler Inspection Eve.  Saturday, the three boilers were plumbed in series in preparation for the official hydro and inspection.  All three are wearing their blowdowns.  Mine is last in the series with the air vent and the gauge.  And yes, reasonable people could differ about the placement of the blowdown - pressure on the bonnet and the packing - what is this world coming to?

All three were brought up to 300 psi to test the rig; no troubling leaks.

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