Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fore Seats and Seat Backs

One can see where this is going - the aft seat concept in place, it was time to move to the fore seat template and strakes. As for the rear seat, I made a template out of CDX that was lying around and fit it forward. Here's a photo of the port, fore seat template in place and fitting the port strakes:

I threw some old 0.75" plywood I had lying around onto the floors. I was tired of sliding on saw dust into the bilge. The strakes aren't as loopy as the photo makes them out to be. Must be some kind of camera phone distortion going on ... Another shot looking forward:

Everything is being made so it can easily be taken out of the hull for refit, renewal and whatnot. Hence, the reliance on bronze fasteners and seats made in halves. Once the seats are all finished, they'll come out anyway for primary piping runs and setting the boiler. The doors for the feed-water compartment, fore, are also finished. A photo of them will have to wait for another time.

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