Sunday, July 31, 2016

On Being "Over the Top"

A year and a half on a deck?  Really?!  Yes. Let me explain, though it is indefensible ... They say a picture is worth a thousand words ...

This is the fore deck as I was fitting the king plank. (Pay no attention to the 957 bronze dong - it is merely holding the plank in place.)  All art is indefensible in a world of 24/7 news cycles, starving children and the like. But is has to be created, or else we succumb to the inhumanity of the age ... 

The picture below is the aft deck, with seams caulked.

"What if you spill 20W oil on it?" a colleague (well, Kelly) wonders.  Yes, and the Works could burn down.  Art is always vulnerable. Natural teak is pretty resilient.  This Spring I helped a couple of blokes deliver a yacht with a natural teak deck from Florida to Rhode Island.  While refueling at sea, I spilled some No. 2 on the deck.  (The scuppers were plugged up so none made it to sea - you turtle-huggers can stow your harpoons ...)  The deck was discolored for a half a day, and then returned to its natural bleached tan.  It's okay; teak has been a deck of choice for generations, and I believe it will serve Iona admirably. 

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